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EndureIT Multisports closely follows current legislation and recommendations from the Public Health Agencys regarding Covid-19. Although current restrictions still allow gyms (some – not all) to remain open, both the Government and the Public Health Agency have pointed out that it is very important that everyone takes their own responsibility for reducing the spread of infection by, for example, avoiding congestion in indoor environments. We therefore want to inform you about the measures we take to ensure a safe training environment, as well as what you who train with us can do to help reduce the spread of infection.

Nov 13, 2022: Nationally, a slight increase in the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 was seen during week 43 compared to the previous week. The increase was also seen among people living in The number of deaths per week and the number of new intensive care patients are remain at the same level as in recent weeks. It is important that the person who is ill with symptoms that could be due to covid-19 stay at home and avoid close contact with others. In order to avoid severe illness, it is important that anyone recommended to be vaccinated against covid-19 do so and that those who are offered refill doses take
these. Adults who are not vaccinated should avoid crowds and large gatherings indoors.

Dec 03, 2021: Stay home from work, school, preschool and other activities if you are sick and have symptoms that may be due to covid-19. Examples of symptoms are sore throat, runny nose, fever or cough. The recommendation to stay home applies to all ages. It also applies to those who have been vaccinated or who have had covid-19 in the past. There are specific recommendations for health and social care workers.

The distance is important and we make sure that our members do not train too close to each other in our halls, this to reduce the risk of infection. Exactly how many seats there are on each individual workout depends on the design of the workout and the size of the group gym. We have also chosen to completely turn off group training sessions that require participants to share equipment with each other, such as Box.

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