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We have scheduled this website to be migrated beginning at 09:00PM EST on November 26, 2021, therefore we are notifying all our clients of the pending migration so you can be aware of the changes and be prepared.

You will receive a confirmation email (like the one below) along with the url to the new landing page on which you will log in to download the new system. In addition, you will be able to choose whether you want to manually migrate your information or just proceed to the new system through the landing page.

Also, for clients that don’t have SSL enabled on their domain and have chosen to download the new system manually we will be upgrading their domain to https within 24 hours of the migration start date.

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Greetings Athletes!

I hope the warm weather finds you all training and happy! The 9th Running of the Lake Waramaug Tri is fast approaching and we have decided to open up more spots to this beloved community event – spread the word! Visit for more info – our site will be undergoing a major re-construction, so be on the lookout for that as well!

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Greetings Athletes!

It’s almost time for you to pin on those numbers, brave the porta-potties and get to the start line!  April 26 is fast approaching and we’ve got a lot of great goodies in store for you at this year’s 1/2 Marathon and 10k race.

As many of you know, we were selected to be a part of the EarthRun Global Alliance of Eco-Friendly races to be held on Earth Day and benefit Eco-Friendly causes.  It’s an exciting opportunity and I hope you all will do your part to help us make these events as environmentally friendly as possible.  We will have eco-friendly toilets on site with eco-friendly toilet paper.  All materials will be reused, recycled or composted.  Race t-shirts are wicking and made of recycled materials and at our aid stations, you will find recycled cups and gels/sports drink from Hammer Nutrition and Crystal Rock Water Company – two sponsors that are striving for our same sustainable goals!

Enjoy these last few weeks of training and I look forward to welcoming you all across the finish line!

Future pre-race emails will all be posted here, in the event you do not receive them in your inbox.

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