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We are happy to see you here again, and we hope that you will enjoy our new and fresh EndureIT review section 2016 edition, today we will cover this: the Sole E25 Elliptical Machine is a treadmill which has been reviewed as one of the best machines under the $1000 mark. It is a strong modern machine which is easy to use in workouts and also includes additional features which are not found in other types of similar machines. It is divided into different parts including the console, drive system, handle bars, foot pedals and the real wheels. The Sole E25 a sibling to the E95 and the E35 elliptical trainers from Sole Fitness.

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And, the EX-59 Elliptical Machine from horizon and is very affordable in comparison to the Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical. It has features that are also found in E25 elliptical but lacks some of the most prominent ones. Among the features that it lacks include the wireless chest monitor, power inclination features and stride adjusting features. Its most prominent features includes the console, a six star frame and pivoting pedals.

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Sole E25 Elliptical – The Console

The Sole E25 Elliptical consists of a console that is easy to operate and whose display measures about 6.5 inches. It is illuminated by a blue LCD back-light which enables clear visibility of displayed data. Many reviews states that back-light is superior to non back-light displays. The consoles main purpose it to track essential data as it relates to the workout. Your resistance and ramp settings can be operated from the console, in a user review, Diana Morrison pointed out that this is very a convenient feature. It can also give you the heart rate which is monitored from the handle bars. It has an additional port to incorporate other devices like Mp3 players and i phones to enable the listening of music during workouts. As pointed out by John Williams from, it also features controls to adjust strides and a number of programs including customized programs. Phil McGraw, Ph.D. exercises every day on a similar elliptical trainer. Here are some pictures the Sole E25 Elliptical, see below.

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E25 Elliptical Drive System

It has a quiet drive system that enables continuous and natural motion during workouts. The drive system runs smoothly which results in rhythmical workouts which reduces stress on the lower joints of the body. It has the capability of forward and backward motions that ensures concentrated workouts on the lower body muscles. It provides a challenging workout process because of the presence of a heavy 25Ib flywheel which provides a higher resistance as a result of a higher gear ratio.

The inclusion of the power incline feature, which has the ability of providing variety of workout positions, is able to create additional resistance. The adjustments are easily effected by pressing a button on the console. The ramp angle can be fully adjusted to 20 incline levels. This feature helps in targeting and working all the major muscle groups in the body.

The Handle Bars

The E25 Elliptical Machine has stationary handle bars which consist of inbuilt sensors that have the ability to monitor heart rates. It works together with the console which displays the heart rate results on the LCD display. A wireless heart rate monitoring system is also provided for by the use of an additional chest strap to enable an accurate wireless heart rate monitoring.

The Foot Pedals

The machine features foot pedals which are oversize in nature to allow comfort during workouts. The pedals have an inward slope of about 2 degrees with the ability to reduce stress for the ankles and the knees. This ensures maximum comfort and minimum injuries during workouts.

The Real Wheels On The Sole E25 Elliptical

The double real wheels featured in this machine have the capability of providing a smoother and stable motion. This improves the feel of the machine, which in effect, reduces the side to side foot pedal motion responsible for creating stress and strain to muscles and joints.

Sole Fitness Warranties

The various machine parts have warranties against workmanship and defects. The frame has a lifetime warranty while the console and other parts come with a three-year warranty. Labor has a warranty of 1 year.

The Horizon EX-59 – The Console

This Horizon EX-59 elliptical machine consists of an up-to-date and strong console that has a reading rack for holding magazines, books, newspapers and even tabs that are used during workouts. Its inbuilt fan is controlled at the console making it easier to operate. However, it does not have a chest pulse sensor for heart rate monitoring, but this is feature is found at the hand grips where the heart rate sensors are located. The console has audio-ports and speakers for additional accessories. Instead of comparing the EX-59 with the Sole E25, it’s perhaps more fair to compare it to the new Sole E55 Elliptical (here).

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EX-59 Elliptical Foot Pedals

Although the foot pedals cannot be adjusted, they have been fixed at a desired foot pedal height and stride range. The foot pedals are pivoting pedals that are able to match foot movements for a smoother motion. They are also able to add levels of resistance to the stride and provide a challenging workout..

The Six Star Frame

The machine has six key design details which work in harmony to create a comfortable and natural workout without any stress or strains on the body. The six star frame is a perfect fit whose constituent parts work to bring out a smooth ride that includes the ECB brake system and a self-propelled motor.

The Horizon EX-59 Elliptical and Flexibility

The machine is limited in terms of adjust ability because all its parts are fixed and therefore are not able to offer the variety required in any workout. The machine does not have a powered incline and also adjustments for the strides. It therefore has limited capabilities in ensuring an optimal workout due to the absence of the incline features.

Horizon Fitness Warranties

The EX-59 Machine also comes with warranties on its parts. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame but a 1 year warranty on the console and the other parts which is a source of concern to many. The labor warranty is 1 year.

Sole E25 and Horizon EX-59 Review Summary

A comparison of elliptical trainers at Amazon is a great way to find out what real users have said about different cross-trainers. A specific comparison of the Sole E25 Elliptical and the Horizon EX-59 elliptical will clearly show that Sole E25 is superior in terms of providing maximum benefits in any workout. Its provides comfort, variety, simplicity and results. Many of its features are designed to suit all those characteristics but its main limitation lies in its pricing. At a price range of $999.99, it outweighs the Horizon EX-59 which is budget friendly and easily affordable. However, the Horizon EX-59 has limited capabilities which also includes a short duration warranty on its parts.

The other contrast between the two machines is flexibility. The E25 Elliptical is more flexible than the horizon simply because it can be adjusted or inclined in order to suit the requirements of the user. On the other hand the Horizon EX-59 is preset and as a result offers very little choice to the user due to its limited capacity especially when it comes to adjustments to suit the needs of the trainer. Finally if you own a Sole E25 Elliptical or a Horizon EX-59, make sure to send us your point-of-view, contact us here.

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Welcome back to the new and improved EndureIT review section, here is today’s topic: the Sole E95 elliptical was voted the best elliptical trainer in the $2000 class in 2014, and here is our review. First, this is a clear indicator that the trainer has surpassed expectation as it costs anywhere from $1699 to $1400. It’s the little brother to the more expensive Sole E98. It’s also slightly lighter than the bigger E98 (as can be seen in this E98 review).

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sole e95 treadmill

The Sole E95 elliptical provides great value as it provides the same capabilities as the health club models at only a fraction of the cost, that you can gain convenient access to at the comfort of your home.

What makes the Sole E95 elliptical stand out work out wise

The Sole E95 elliptical technology trainer is an easy to use low impact trainer that provides users with a number of improved features modeled to help give the user a more effective workout experience by focusing on the quality of the workout. As indicated by many online consumer reviews the low impact workout is very joint-friendly.

sole e95 treadmill display

The following are the features;

· The Sole E95 elliptical comes with varied incline features

This is one of the most notable and advantageous features of this trainer.

The E95 has the ability to provide an incline of up to 40 degrees, which is the steepest one among all the elliptical trainers in the market. This feature helps to increase the difficulty level and intensity of your work outs as it simulates an uphill climb.

e95 display and incline control e95 level and fan control

· Adjustable stride lengths

The trainer has the capabilities to adjust the length of your stride from 20 inches to 22 inches.

This capability ensures that you can target different muscle groups during your works outs to ensure it is effective. The adjustable stride capabilities also adjust as you adjust the degree of incline which provides the user with a more effective and targeted workout.

· A 34 pound flywheel

The E95 comes with a higher tier flywheel, which is essential in providing a smoother peddling experience.

In the world of flywheels the heavier the better and this trainer provides just this enabling the user to gain a smoother thus a more productive workout. The trainer’s flywheel also makes the work out quitter compared to many elliptical trainers as it only produces a whisper.

· 10 workout programs

The trainer comes with 10 built in workout programs to help the user.

Six of which are standard workout programs and 2 you can design yourself according to your needs and preferences.

sole e95 incline sole e95 level

· Adjustable cushioned pedals

The pedals are over-sized to accommodate every user and are adjustable to ensure maximum comfort.

The pedals are cushioned and are engineered to provide a 2 degree inward slope to reduce the amount of stress put on the knees and ankles.

· Heavy duty capabilities

The trainer is able to handle weights of up to 400 pounds.

Users of the trainer who weight more than the maximum weight have used the product without any complaints

The extra features

This trainer is compared to health club trainers because of these extra features that are geared towards providing the user with a better experience. The following are what make up the extra features;

· Music compatibility and the E95 Sole

The Sole E95 trainer is compatible with an mp3 music player and an IPod and also features built in speakers. This allows the user to hook up their devices and listen to their favorite music during their workouts.

· Water bottle holder

The water bottle holder enables one to have an uninterrupted workout as you have your water bottle conveniently within reach.

· Heart rate monitor capabilities

Among the 10 workout programs two are heart rate monitoring ones which ensure that you reach your targeted heart rate zone and adjust the resistance of your workout to ensure you stay in your targeted area to achieve the maximum results.

The trainer comes with a wireless chest strap that provides the 99.9% accurate readings.

· Cooling fan

You know you are doing it right when you get really hot during your workouts. The Sole E95 elliptical technology trainer has a built in cooling fun to give you a much more comfortable work out experience.

· 9 inch LCD display

The display screen conveniently displays all your work out data like time, calories burnt and heart rate.

sole e95 treadmill center

sole e95 treadmill bottom

sole e95 treadmill display left

sole e95 treadmill display right

· The elliptical hand grips

Upper body workouts are also an essential, which is why the hand grips are incorporated into the trainer.

The E95 takes hand grips to another level by incorporating the controls into them so that you can change your incline or resistance controls for easy access. The grips also have built in heart rate pulse monitors which are both convenient and necessary.

Sole E95 ellpitical warranty and guarantee policy

The trainer provides a 30 day guarantee trail period which you can return the product if not fully satisfied.

If you are satisfied with the Sole E95 elliptical you get a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on the parts and the electronics and 2 years on labor, before you buy make sure to check out the Sole E35 too, as usual, send us feedback here.

elliptical fitness review