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EndureIT is under new management with lots of support from the previous management.  We will continue to bring you great eco-friendly races with some new and exciting features, courses and benefits.

We are madly working on the race calendar and will share the details as soon as possible. We will continue to publish race reports and reviews.

Look forward to the Nutmeg State Race Series starting in early June! Thanks!

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Welcome back to the new and improved EndureIT review section, here is today’s topic: the Sole E95 elliptical was voted the best elliptical trainer in the $2000 class in 2014, and here is our review. First, this is a clear indicator that the trainer has surpassed expectation as it costs anywhere from $1699 to $1400. It’s the little brother to the more expensive Sole E98. It’s also slightly lighter than the bigger E98 (as can be seen in this E98 review).

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sole e95 treadmill

The Sole E95 elliptical provides great value as it provides the same capabilities as the health club models at only a fraction of the cost, that you can gain convenient access to at the comfort of your home.

What makes the Sole E95 elliptical stand out work out wise

The Sole E95 elliptical technology trainer is an easy to use low impact trainer that provides users with a number of improved features modeled to help give the user a more effective workout experience by focusing on the quality of the workout. As indicated by many online consumer reviews the low impact workout is very joint-friendly.

sole e95 treadmill display

The following are the features;

· The Sole E95 elliptical comes with varied incline features

This is one of the most notable and advantageous features of this trainer.

The E95 has the ability to provide an incline of up to 40 degrees, which is the steepest one among all the elliptical trainers in the market. This feature helps to increase the difficulty level and intensity of your work outs as it simulates an uphill climb.

e95 display and incline control e95 level and fan control

· Adjustable stride lengths

The trainer has the capabilities to adjust the length of your stride from 20 inches to 22 inches.

This capability ensures that you can target different muscle groups during your works outs to ensure it is effective. The adjustable stride capabilities also adjust as you adjust the degree of incline which provides the user with a more effective and targeted workout.

· A 34 pound flywheel

The E95 comes with a higher tier flywheel, which is essential in providing a smoother peddling experience.

In the world of flywheels the heavier the better and this trainer provides just this enabling the user to gain a smoother thus a more productive workout. The trainer’s flywheel also makes the work out quitter compared to many elliptical trainers as it only produces a whisper.

· 10 workout programs

The trainer comes with 10 built in workout programs to help the user.

Six of which are standard workout programs and 2 you can design yourself according to your needs and preferences.

sole e95 incline sole e95 level

· Adjustable cushioned pedals

The pedals are over-sized to accommodate every user and are adjustable to ensure maximum comfort.

The pedals are cushioned and are engineered to provide a 2 degree inward slope to reduce the amount of stress put on the knees and ankles.

· Heavy duty capabilities

The trainer is able to handle weights of up to 400 pounds.

Users of the trainer who weight more than the maximum weight have used the product without any complaints

The extra features

This trainer is compared to health club trainers because of these extra features that are geared towards providing the user with a better experience. The following are what make up the extra features;

· Music compatibility and the E95 Sole

The Sole E95 trainer is compatible with an mp3 music player and an IPod and also features built in speakers. This allows the user to hook up their devices and listen to their favorite music during their workouts.

· Water bottle holder

The water bottle holder enables one to have an uninterrupted workout as you have your water bottle conveniently within reach.

· Heart rate monitor capabilities

Among the 10 workout programs two are heart rate monitoring ones which ensure that you reach your targeted heart rate zone and adjust the resistance of your workout to ensure you stay in your targeted area to achieve the maximum results.

The trainer comes with a wireless chest strap that provides the 99.9% accurate readings.

· Cooling fan

You know you are doing it right when you get really hot during your workouts. The Sole E95 elliptical technology trainer has a built in cooling fun to give you a much more comfortable work out experience.

· 9 inch LCD display

The display screen conveniently displays all your work out data like time, calories burnt and heart rate.

sole e95 treadmill center

sole e95 treadmill bottom

sole e95 treadmill display left

sole e95 treadmill display right

· The elliptical hand grips

Upper body workouts are also an essential, which is why the hand grips are incorporated into the trainer.

The E95 takes hand grips to another level by incorporating the controls into them so that you can change your incline or resistance controls for easy access. The grips also have built in heart rate pulse monitors which are both convenient and necessary.

Sole E95 ellpitical warranty and guarantee policy

The trainer provides a 30 day guarantee trail period which you can return the product if not fully satisfied.

If you are satisfied with the Sole E95 elliptical you get a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on the parts and the electronics and 2 years on labor, before you buy make sure to check out the Sole E35 too, as usual, send us feedback here.

elliptical fitness review

Welcome to the EndureIT review section, here is the scoop: Get a complete body workout and also improve your overall appearance with Sole E35 Elliptical (review). You can trim and tone with up to 20 levels of resistance and incline levels and can also track your heart rate with the help of built-in pulse sensors on its stationary handlebars. There are many benefits that comes with an elliptical, you can find out more about that here.

The Sole E35 Elliptical trainer is actually a mid-level trainer built with 375 weight capacity, 29 pound flywheel and 15 inch pedals. The pedals are adjustable and cushioned, as is the stride with actual stride length of 20-22 inches maximum. In addition, you can adjust the consoled based on your height and the incline of the machine is also power adjustable from 0-30 degrees, with jus tone touch of a button. Using these exciting customizable features in addition to 10 workout programs and 16 levels of resistance, you can get a great workout while working on your multiple muscle groups at a time.

sole e35 elliptical

The console of E35 Elliptical features a 7.5 inch blue backlit easy-to-read LCD screen, MP3 and Apple compatibility, built-in speakers, a built-in bottle holder, and a built-in fan. As discussed above, this model also features a highly accurate wireless heart rate monitor in addition to its in-handle controls that can monitor and track your heart rate. You can also access two special heart rate workout programs if you’re interested in a more advanced tracking. This trainer has a unique ECB magnetic resistance system, making it quite and smooth, ideal for in-home use. More about that here.

sole fitness

Although it is a larger model, making it bit bulkier, it also comes equipped with smooth transport wheels for easy storage.

Make the Most of Sole Fitness Black Friday Deals This Week

It’s all about making the best deal from the Sole Fitness Black Friday sales this week. Visit Sole Fitness to get these deals and see their latest Black Friday offers. Also, don’t forget that the Sole Fitness Black Friday’s deals often expand over to the Cyber Monday sales too. Check out their Sole E35 Black Friday deal and their many treadmill deals over at their web shop.

Sole E35 Elliptical Features

  • 10 integrated workouts to fit your own training needs (2 User Defined, 6 Standard, 2 Heart Rate)
  • Power adjustable elliptical equipped with front drive system
  • 20 levels of incline and resistance levels to target specific muscles and maximize workouts
  • Fully adjustable 15 inch pedals with a 2 degree inward slope to lessen impact, and mimic natural stride
  • 7.5 inch LCD display accurately indicates fitness essentials
  • Chest strap and pulse grip heart rate monitor compatible to track heart rate
  • Has whisper quite drive system which allows for natural motion
  • Has built-in fans that keep you cool during workouts
  • Pedals function backward and forward to target various muscle groups and diversify workouts
  • An easy-to-use water bottle holder for hydration
  • Built-in sound mechanism equipped with2-way cable for MP3 Player or iPod conneciton
  • Lifetime frame warranty, 2 years labor and 5 years electronic

sole e35 elliptical speakers

Key Specs

  • Elliptical weight- 215 lbs
  • Maximum user capacity- 375 lbs
  • Resistance levels- 20
  • Drive System- Front
  • Adjustable Console- Up / Down
  • Display- 7.5″ LCD, backlit blue
  • Adjustable Stride- Power Adjustable
  • Max Stride Length- 22″
  • Built-in Fan- Yes
  • Heart Rate Technology- Wireless chest straps compatible (included), Pulse grips and heart rate control programs,
  • Pedal Size- 15″
  • Frame- 83″ Length x 27″ Width x 58″ Height
  • Accessories- iPod / MP3 player and earphone connection, cup holders
  • Adjustable Pedals- Yes; 3 Position Pin
  • Flywheel- 29 lbs
  • Voltage- 110
  • Power Source- AC Power Cord

sole e35 elliptical logo

Frame/Pedal Features

The Sole E35 Elliptical has many interested frame features that will surely be appreciated by its users. Its power incline function makes it very easy for you to adjust the incline and its adjustable stride ensures that all its users will be fully comfortable with its feel. All those who’re concerned about moving the machine once it is installed will be surely pleased to know that it comes equipped with smooth transport wheels, which make the task of moving this machine a little bit easier.

sole e35 elliptical frame

Features like these help make this elliptical great and is definitely a good buy.

High Quality Display Screen

The display screen of Sole E35 Elliptical offers tons of useful information on your workouts. It shows you your total workout time, speed, and distance you’ve traveled on the machine. One exciting feature useful for all those who want to desperately lose some weight is the calorie burned information available on the display screen.

sole e35 elliptical display

sole e35 elliptical incline

sole e35 elliptical level

Heart rate information also shows up there if either the chest pulse sensor or the hand grips are used.

The Workout Options

The Sole E35 elliptical has a stride length from 20-22 inch. Most users prefer trainers that are equipped with adjustable stride up to 22 inches. Though 20 inches is generally the standard stride measurement for any elliptical, but adjustment up to 22 inches enables it to fit a wider range of users and offers more workout variety.

The elliptical also comes with 10 different preset programs including 2 which you can easily set yourself, and it also has 16 different resistance levels to help you with all types of workouts you need.


The Sole E35 Elliptical comes with solid long term warranties that are very useful if the machine happens to break.

With a lifetime warranty, 5 year electronic, and 2 year on labor, you can rest easy knowing that if there is any issue with the elliptical it will be taken care of at no additional cost to you.

User Feedback & E35 Reviews

Poor reviews by users of any product can send up a big red flat. It could also be an indication of several unexpected issues, some features that fail to work as well as the way they should, or overall dissatisfaction with the product.

Thankfully, this isn’t something you have to worry about with Sole E35 Elliptical.

Offers a Great Ride

At $1299, you won’t find any elliptical trainer as sturdy as the Sole E35. It has a relatively high gear ratio, heavy flywheel, smooth braking system, and a sturdy frame. This provides you an excellent workout experience and the reliability you expect. Due to its heavy flywheel, you may have hard time assembling the machine. But what’s this 2 or 3 hours of assembling this elliptical if you can use its really exciting features.

Also, its movable handlebars can boost an exercise regime for your arms and give you a complete body workout.

Sole E35 Elliptical Pros…

  • Rear and front movement capabilities
  • Smooth transport wheels
  • Power adjustable incline and stride up to 22 inches
  • Includes a heart rate strap
  • MP3 and Apple compatible with built-in speakers
  • 5 year warranty on parts, lifetime warranty on frame

…And The Cons

  • No reading rack
  • Speakers are not very powerful
  • Bulkier model can be hard to store in small spaces

The Sole E35 Elliptical – Conclusion

The Sole E35 Elliptical is impressive when it comes to customizable options, but all these features come at a price. If adjustable pedals and console are on your wish list, this is definitely a durable trainer that will last. Its entertainment system is the best in its class.

sole e35 elliptical hr left

You can find more Sole E35 Elliptical reviews and consumers reports here:

Company offers lifetime warranty on the Sole E35 Elliptical frame and 5 years on labor and parts.

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Greetings Athletes!

I hope the warm weather finds you all training and happy! The 9th Running of the Lake Waramaug Tri is fast approaching and we have decided to open up more spots to this beloved community event – spread the word! Visit www.endureitmultisports.com for more info – our site will be undergoing a major re-construction, so be on the lookout for that as well!

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Greetings Athletes!

It’s almost time for you to pin on those numbers, brave the porta-potties and get to the start line!  April 26 is fast approaching and we’ve got a lot of great goodies in store for you at this year’s 1/2 Marathon and 10k race.

As many of you know, we were selected to be a part of the EarthRun Global Alliance of Eco-Friendly races to be held on Earth Day and benefit Eco-Friendly causes.  It’s an exciting opportunity and I hope you all will do your part to help us make these events as environmentally friendly as possible.  We will have eco-friendly toilets on site with eco-friendly toilet paper.  All materials will be reused, recycled or composted.  Race t-shirts are wicking and made of recycled materials and at our aid stations, you will find recycled cups and gels/sports drink from Hammer Nutrition and Crystal Rock Water Company – two sponsors that are striving for our same sustainable goals!

Enjoy these last few weeks of training and I look forward to welcoming you all across the finish line!

Future pre-race emails will all be posted here, in the event you do not receive them in your inbox.

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